Hottest Songs – October 2019 – Pt.35

Fantasia Calls Out A Coward Lover On ”Bad Girl”


Fantasia unapologetically claims a bad girl status on ”Bad Girl.”

Straight out of Fantasia‘s freshly released project, Sketchbook, we get a truth-telling banger by name of Bad Girl. In the aforementioned track, Fantasia claims her bad girl status by citing the many qualities she brings to the table which may make her coward lover uncomfortable. And in a challenging manner, she dares her lover to take her as she is because she won’t change any time soon. The song is poignant and speaks straight to the heart. The lyrics are powerful–something we have known to be Fantasia’s usual delivery. Along with strong vocals, Fantasia carries a song with an obvious and noteworthy message.

Most recently, we reported on Fantasia has resurfacing with a brand new album, SketchbookThe genre-less offering is a rebirth of sorts for the singer now that she’s operating as an independent artist. After many hits, grammy awards and personal battles that were all over the news, Fantasia clearly shows she is keeping her head high with this new release.


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