Casanova Gets Up Close & Personal On “Behind These Scars” Ft. Chris Brown, Young Thug, Gunna, & More


BK in the building.

Many rappers have a single body of work that they’ll point out as being the most intimate project they’ve ever created, and for Casanova, Behind These Scars is just that. The Brooklyn emcee shares his life like never before and takes listeners on a lyrical journey through his trials and triumphs. “It’s no secret that I’ve been through a lot,” Casanova has recently shared. “This body of work will invite you into my world. My life. My pain. It’s my most vulnerable body of work.”

We’ve heard his Fabolous-assisted single “So Brooklyn” that pays homage to the streets that raised him; he dropped his sultry single “Coming Home” featuring Chris Brown; and he linked up with British rapper Giggs on “Live.” Casanova has continuously rolled out applause-worthy singles leading up to his album’s release, and it’s obvious that he’s carefully crafted a record that he hopes will be referenced for years to come. Check it out and let us know what tracks are your favorites.


1. Jail Call
2. Knock Knock
3. So Brooklyn ft. Fabolous
4. So Drippy ft. Gunna & Young Thug
5. Woah ft. Jeremih
6. Coming Home ft. Chris Brown
7. In My Hood
8. Stay Wit It
9. Could’ve Been Something ft. Kaycyy Pluto
10. Live ft. Giggs

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