Hottest Songs – October 2019 – Pt.31

Freddie Gibbs Catches A Body On Ocean Wisdom’s “ISN’T IT?”


Camden, London. meets Gary, IN on Ocean Wisdom’s “ISN’T IT?”

Ocean Wisdom is fresh off of the release of his latest project, Big Talk Vol. 1. The 27-track project includes features from some legends from grime such as Ghetts and Dizzee Rascal but he also treads American land for a stand-out track, “ISN’T IT?” Now, Ocean Wisdom is known for his fast pace rapping and on “ISN’T IT?”, he recruits one rapper who has one of the most versatile flows in the game right now, Freddie Gibbs. On “ISN’T IT?” Ocean Wisdom delivers a breezy hook before cutting into sharp bars that cut through bouncy production.

Freddie Gibbs comes through with the stand-out verse on this track, though. The rapper dishes out a smooth Midwestern flow before jumping taking a damn-near Young Thug approach to his vocal tone as he goes in on a double-time flow while keeping it super thugged out.

Quotable Lyrics
It’s amazing, it’s a life-long vacation
Know my whole life been racin’
Boy, I ain’t never made no statements
Fuck the D.A., fuck the jury, fuck the whole police station
Be with killers so my enemies don’t post no location


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