Hottest Songs – October 2019 -Pt.1

Wiz Khalifa Sets A New Precedent With “Presidents”


Wiz Khalifa intends on hustling until the geriatric stages.

A betting man might see the title of Wiz Khalifa‘s latest in a foray of singles unleashed, and deduce that the topic of dead presidents would be discussed at length. In that respect, they’d be more or less correct, with “Presidents” making up the crux of Khalifa’s raison d’etre. Taking to a whimsical instrumental from Big Jerm & J Card, Khalifa makes it clear that expanding on his already considerable net worth remains a fixed goal. Offering up a melodic refrain to kick things off, Wiz rides the beat with a Bone Thugs-esque melodic cadence.It’s a curious blend between a filler vault cut and a bonafide radio single, with a polished feel masking some of the more phoned-in deficiencies. Yet Wiz remains an able sportsman even in the highest of states, and his ability to float over instrumentals in effortless fashion speak to his greater longevity. There’s no telling when this one was laced, though its general message remains timeless. The hustle, like the blunt circle, is an endless cycle.

Quotable Lyrics

Been like this ever since I was young
Khalifa man the one that they hating on
But I ain’t let it stay like that for long
Made my own way that’s the path I’m on

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