Swizz Beatz Flexes Godfather Status On “I Ain’t Scared”


Swizz Beatz is accepting all challengers.

Double R never dies. Today, hip-hop icon Swizz Beatz has emerged with a brand new selection off the Godfather Of Harlem soundtrack. Following the previous single with Rick Ross and DMX “Just In Case,” Swizz has dropped off a surprisingly melodic offering by the name of “I Ain’t Scared.” Though he’s no stranger to vocal contributions, Swizz Beatz’ latest finds him holding it down on the lonely, issuing a challenge to anybody looking to test him. It’s likely the me-against-the-world themes mirror that of the series, which centers around Bumpy Johnson’s return to a neighborhood changed.

With a somber piano instrumental as the backdrop, Swizz makes it clear that he’s fearless in the face of adversity. In fact, he’s going so far as to leave his gates open, an invitation for any comers. With vocals delivered as a repeating hook of sorts, Swizzy allows space for his hypnotic instrumental to conjure an isolated vibe. It’s a subtle, yet ultimately powerful offering from a veteran with no shortage of tricks. Salute to big Swizzy for this one.

Quotable Lyrics

Everybody know where I live
I leave my gates open, you’re welcome
I’m so big I can’t hide no more
My tour dates you know where it is

Majid Jordan Get Romantic On Bouncy Single “Superstar”


Majid Jordan return with a brand new single.

We’ve known about Majid Jordan for a long time, coming out of Toronto and signing with OVO Sound as one of the premier Canadian music acts. The tandem duo of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman is extremely talented, exploring sounds that aren’t traditionally found in the realm of hip-hop and pop music. They recently came through with a new Khalid-assisted single and today, they’re straying away from the direction of that track with a more electro-tinged song called “Superstar.”

Getting romantic in the lyrics, Majid sings about how he wants to spend the rest of his life with his partner, moving to France and raising some kids before taking off to the moon. This will surely be in rotation for the next little while. Whenever Majid Jordan comes through with new music, it’s a special occasion so consider today a holiday.

What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

I just wanna spend my life with you
Go around the world and to the moon
I just wanna share the light with you
Have some kids and move to France with you

Danny Brown Snaps Like Only He Can On “Savage Nomad”


Danny Brown’s adherence to his vision remains admirable.

There’s something notably special about a Danny Brown release. Perhaps it’s his refusal to succumb to contemporary trends, forging ever onward through whatever visionary course he sets. Such is no different on his latest, the Q-Tip produced uknowwhatimsayin¿, boasting no shortage of delightfully sloppy lo-fi instrumentals. Though the style, evocative of cinematic grindhouse, might not be everyone’s cup of tea – for those who do appreciate Danny’s artistry, however, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

“Savage Nomad,” the album’s sixth track, finds Danny taking to a guitar-based sample flipped by Playa Haze. “This was the seventies I’d be a savage nomad,” spits Danny. “Shirtless with a vest staying warm by burning trash.” Imagery remains a strong point in Danny’s arsenal, and there’s plenty of that to do around. It doesn’t hurt that his flow is destined to please those purists clinging to hip-hop’s glory days, while still modern enough to keep him in the water-cooler talk. Do yourself a favor and go support some fire music today.

Quotable Lyrics

The flow Chinese arithmetic
Trippin’ if they get real, nasty like black licorice
Always on some different shit, your whole style is impotent
I ignore a whore like an email from LinkedIn
I put you further in that hole that you sleepin’ in

Summer Walker Teams With Elusive PARTYNEXTDOOR For “Just Might”


Summer Walker & PARTYNEXTDOOR unite for a sultry back and forth.

Even if you’re not predisposed toward the subtle art of rhythm and blues, it’s possible that sheer curiosity led you to diving into Summer Walker’s Over It. A gargantuan project with guest appearances from 6LACK, Drake, A Boogie, and the elusive PARTYNEXTDOOR, Walker’s talents are put on full display across the melodic album. Given that the rarity of a PND feature is, in itself, worthy of discussion, it feels right to highlight the soft and sultry “Just Might,” a late-night lover’s anthem.

With a slow-paced instrumental providing the baseline, Summer finds herself getting brutally honest, pondering whether she is in fact “a ho” by her own admission. As for PND, he finds himself dealing with an age-old quandary once lamented slash celebrated by none other than T-Pain: which is to say, being in love with a stripper. “Shawty’s been stripping for so long, How-how long do she think it could go on?” he sings, a question as rhetorical as they come.

Quotable Lyrics

Shawty’s been stripping for so long
How-how long do she think it could go on
Without her fuckin’ anybody?
I don’t know anybody
That work at Follies, that don’t fuck anybody

“Jesus Is King” might not be coming anytime soon.

For years now, Kanye West and Mike Dean have built a solid working relationship. The artists that are close to Ye, including Travis Scott and all of the G.O.O.D. Music squad, work with the legendary engineer to achieve the perfect sounds in their mixes, masters, and production. Mike Dean knows how to do it all and, usually, he’s a pretty solid troll too. Throughout the last few Kanye album rollouts, Dean has been an integral part of us knowing what’s actually going onNow that Jesus Is King has been indefinitely delayed, nobody really knows when we can expect the album. Ye’s team is apparently still working on it, putting the final touches on the gospel-tinged project before sending it to streaming. In one of the latest updates though, Mike Dean hints that it could be a very, very, very long time before we actually hear it.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

As reported by RapCurrent, Mike Dean took to his SnapChat account to provide a very cruel update on the progress they’ve made since last week, noting that Jesus Is King is far from being ready. “Just deleted jik accidentally whilst mixing lol. Fuck yall,” he wrote as his caption, smoking a joint in the footage.

Now, Mike Dean is clearly joking about this (or is he???) so we shouldn’t be too worried. Hopefully, Jesus Is King arrives sooner rather than later. If it’s not ready though, we’ll just have to be patient!

Screenshot via RapCurrent
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