Hottest Songs – July 2019 – Pt. 6

Joyner Lucas Unleashes His Timbaland-Produced Banger “10 Bands”


Joyner Lucas returns with a new song!

The rollout to Joyner Lucas‘ upcoming album ADHD has been incredibly strange thus far. We’ve known about the project for a long time but for some reason, it still hasn’t been released. In the fall last year, Lucas first told the world that he was prepping a body of work called ADHD and we weren’t quite sure when he would choose to drop it. At this point, we’ve heard more than a handful of songs that are slated to be on ADHD, including his collaborations with LogicEminem, and others. Still, there is no release date or full tracklist for Joyner’s forthcoming project but once again, he’s releasing a fire single to accompany it.This week, Joyner asked fans if they’ve ever wondered what he would sound like over a Timbaland beat. We were all interested in hearing what they had worked on, especially considering Timbo’s storied history in the game. He makes some of the most original instrumentals around and Joyner, being the skilled lyricist that he is, would surely strive over anything that Timbaland produced. “10 Bands” is a hard-hitting anthem that stands right in line with the other songs we’ve heard off ADHD.

Listen to it below and let us know your thoughts on Joyner’s performance and Timbo’s production.

Quotable Lyrics:

I just might pull up in the mink
Take my enemies out to drink
Toss my weapons in the lake
Count up my blessings, them straight
I think I might go on a date
Count all my dough in the safe
Roll with the wave, look at my soul in the face
They don’t even know what to say

Tory Lanez Goes In On Blistering “Melee”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tory Lanez comes out swinging.

Tory Lanez has occasionally dabbled in the musical onslaught, having previously lined 2018 with a pair of albums, various features, and an EP’s worth of diss tracks. This year, the versatile Canadian lyricist appears more measured in his approach, working behind the scenes on his next endeavor. Today, his upcoming single “Melee” has surfaced in a few international markets, which means that Tory’s latest is likely circulating among the backdoor channels. In order to give those who have heard it a platform for discussion, sound off in the comments below.As for the song itself, “Melee” finds Tory flexing over a woodwind-driven instrumental, tackling the track with a “best of both worlds” approach. Cadientially, he makes sure to encapsulate the gentle swagger of “RnB Tory” with the razor-focused flow of “Bars Tory,” making for an end result that’s easy on the years yet deadly on the mind. Lyrically, he opts to float with a reflection on his grittier come-up, spitting about cook-ups,  sweet-sweet revenge, and the subtle art of finessing. Did Tory hold it down on this one?

Quotable Lyrics

I pull up in backstreets
Whipping the red like a banshee
Can’t fuck with these n***s, they shady
I knew they were fake when they dapped me
Took a L and put n***s in debt
You was gettin’ in front a n***a, running up and I had to go put up a check

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