Hottest Songs – July 2019 – Pt. 5

Ed Sheeran Reunites Eminem & 50 Cent On “Remember The Name”


Ed Sheeran teams up with an iconic duo on “Remember The Name.”

Ed Sheeran‘s upcoming Collaborations No. 6 features a notable hip-hop presence, a testament to his respectable reputation in the game. Upon receiving the tracklist, one of the most intriguing cuts found Gatman & Robbin reunited once again. Though we last saw Eminem and 50 Cent trading bars on 2012’s “My Life,” many have still held the duo in high regard, the product of their insane early-millennium run. Now, “Remember The Name” has arrived in select international markets, with the worldwide release coming tomorrow.

Off the bat, the track cuts a nostalgic cloth, bringing Scott Storch into the fold for a vintage-sounding instrumental. Ed opts for bars to set it off, flowing ably over Storch’s nostalgic arrangement; one has to wonder if he specifically requested a beat of this nature, as he’d likely have fond memories of Shady & G-Unit‘s storied run. Em comes through with the follow-up, opting to keep pace with a relatively restrained verse. Of course, his flow remains sharp, but Em seems content to enjoy himself on this go-around, rather than showing out to the fullest. As for 50, he closes things out, skating by on the strength of his charisma.

Quotable Lyrics

They said time would tell, if I’d prevail
And all I did was, put nine-inch-nails
In my eyelids, now I’m seeing diamond sales
Like I’m in Zales
Without a doubt by any means if rap was skinny jeans
I couldn’t do anything in em’
I’d be splitting seams of denim, when I’m spitting schemes

– Em

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