Twista Spits Bars Like A Man Possessed On “Summer 96”


Twista’s flow remains as sharp as ever.

It’s time to channel your latent old head energy and unleash it upon the world. Following the release of some recent fire with “Summer 96”,Twista has emerged with a full-fledged project of the same name. Featuring fifteen tracks and nostalgic guest appearances from Do or Die, Twista sets the table for a modern dose of a bygone era. Those keeping score can confirm that the dexterous rapper has yet to fall from grace, with his legendary flow feeling as polished as ever before.

He’s also exploring a few different sonic directions, flirting with beats that touch on current-trap standards. “Shoot Out” finds Twista taking to a creeping, percussive banger, evocative of a modern-day take on Krayzie Bone‘s “Heated Heavy.” Likewise on “War Ready,” which finds Twista warning all foes that he will meet them in the field without delay or mercy. Should you be looking for something to fill a particular void, look no further than Twista’s Summertime 96. 

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