Chance The Rapper Showed Us His Potential With “10 Day”


“Acid Rap” and “10 Day” are now available on all streaming platforms.

While many people discovered Chance The Rapper through projects such as Acid Rap and Coloring Book, the Chicago MC began his career with the 2012 mixtape called 10 Day. The 14-track project showed the world what Chance could do when it came to both lyrics and his unique vocal delivery. If you missed out on this tape when it first dropped, you’re in luck as both Acid Rap and 10 Day are now available on all of the streaming platforms.

When the project was released back in April of 2012, it got lost in the transition to streaming and was never made available to the public through those platforms. Now that Chance is set to release his debut album in short order, the rapper has made these projects available in order to drum up a significant amount of hype.

If you haven’t heard the project yet, you can stream it below. Meanwhile, die-hard fans will surely want to give this tape another listen to elicit some much-needed nostalgia.


1. 14,400 Minutes
2. Nostalgia
3. Missing You
4. Windows
5. Brain Cells
6. Long Time
7. 22 Offs
8. U Got Me Fucked Up
9. Family
10. Juke Juke
11. Fuck You Talm Bout
12. Long Time II
13. Prom Night
14. Hey Ma

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