Hottest Songs – June 2019 – Pt. 55

Chris Brown & Tyga Are On The Prowl On “All I Want”


Chris Brown and Tyga drop off a smooth cut.

Chris Brown‘s Indigo has arrived, marking another gargantuan drop from the acclaimed and versatile artist. In a surprising turn, one of the album’s more overtly romantic cuts arrives courtesy of the Tyga collaboration, as the west-coast rapper breaks character for the cause. But first, Chris Brown sets the tone with one of his signature fantasies of escapism, flaunting his own superiority as a lover and friend.

Tyga slides through next, professing a love strong enough to make a woman turn expat. “Man that pussy powerful, I’ll fly you from Toronto,” he raps, taking a break from lustful hedonism to channel the romantic. “Come and live in LA, we can watch LeBron play.” Clearly, T-Raww has his sights set on a Canadian dime, and seems willing to risk it all for a chance at securing her love. Given that the man has made a living in crafting twerk anthems, one has to wonder if he’s truly capable of turning over a new leaf. Either way, he plays the part admirably enough, sounding convincing enough to match Breezy’s own sense of Romeo-ism.

It might not be what you expected from the pairing of Tyga and Chris Breezy, but it’s refreshing to see them switch it up.

Quotable Lyrics

Man that pussy powerful, I’ll fly you from Toronto
Come and live in LA, we can watch LeBron play

Valee & G Herbo Connect On “Above Average”


Listen to Valee & G Herbo’s new collab “Above Average.”

Originally leaked a few weeks ago, Valee’s surprise EP Runnin’ Rich has officially been given the proper roll out as it was just made available on iTunes & Spotify today. The 7-song EP features guest appearances from King LouieVic Mensa, and G Herbo, the latter of which we previously heard on the song “Sleep Number.”

Today, we’ve decided to highlight another record for y’all, and that being the G Herbo-assisted record “Above Average.” Take a listen to the TyMadeIt-produced collab and let us know what you think.

Runnin Rich available now on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fuck ’round with Valee
Make me wanna go cop that Yves St. Laurent (Uh)
Two hundred bucks I at least make a month (Uh)
Feds get to rollin’, let me face the blunt

– G Herbo

Daniel Caesar & Pharrell Explore Love, Truth & Fame In “Frontal Lobe Muzik”


Daniel Caeser employs Pharrell for a beautifully complex love song.

In the frenzy of this Friday’s musical drop – which included Chris Brown‘s Indigo and Mustard’s Perfect Ten – Toronto singer, Daniel Caesar delivers his anticipated CASE STUDY 01. After dropping his first, deeply raw, mixtape, Freudian, back in 2017, the young musician cemented a name for himself as one of R&B’s most promising poets. The effortless way in which he weaves complex and existential themes throughout his (seemingly) simple love songs, has earned him mainstream success, as well as the distinction he deserves. Now, his follow-up album provides us with even denser and riskier confronting ideas, like the battle between good and evil, life and death, loneliness, and God.

For this slightly more upbeat track (compared to others on the album), Daniel employs Pharrell to help him deliver a message based on the juxtaposition of love and loneliness, the importance of freeing yourself through your own truth, as well as the harsh distinction between life before, and after fame. On an, almost hypnotizing, softly sung and synthed-out pre-chorus; Daniel battles through his desire to be alone, and his inclination to seek companionship. Pharell sings of the beauty and hardships of love alike, urging us to unleash our inner sentiments so that everyone may be certain of our truth as he closes the song. The two gracefully intertwine deeply abstract, yet universally understood themes throughout the song, relying on one another just the right amount to deliver a perfectly harmonious track.

Quotable Lyrics:

Further from home, the unknown, is all that I know
Couldn’t atone on the phone
I wish that I would be on my own, all alone
I wish that I would quit bein’ stoned, be a stone
I wish that I would-
I wish that I would just be a man when I can
I wish you had the vision to follow the plan
I wish I had a reason to see you again


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