YG Rushed By Cops Over “Reckless Driving” Citation On LA’s Sunset Strip

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YG corrals public support while apprehended by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies.

TMZ has been informed of a tense traffic stop that YG was subjected early in the morning after doing rounds at 1 OAK in West Hollywood. The following footage certainly paints a loose narrative of what transpired during the pull-over.

Occurring at 1:45 am after the rapper had fulfilled his obligation to 1 OAK (club appearance), L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies are saying that YG was driving recklessly on the Sunset Strip. Apparently, YG had been swerving and weaving in and out of de-merging lanes when the cops decided to put their flashers on and run a stop.

Once apprehended, YG was said to be noticeably aggravated, forcing the deputies to cuff his wrist in an effort to restrict his movement/frantic energy. According to the report written up at the scene, YG was “upset and uncooperative and used profanities toward the deputies.” Given his popularity, bystanders who were privy to action started shouting profanities of their own, all in support of YG’s plausible “fight for freedom.”

In the end, YG’s perceived disobedience was proven sensible after a sobriety test yielded a negative result. The rapper was nevertheless cited for reckless driving, only to be released (without charges) soon thereafter. Interestingly enough, the crowd that wound up encircling the deputies produced a mini-riot of their own, proving without a doubt that YG’s ground zero politics have been well-received by the common person.


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