OutKast Skyrocket On Twitter After NBA 1st Rounders Fail To Identify Their Music

Jordan Brand Signs Celtics’ Jayson Tatum, Wizards Rookie Rui Hachimura
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First round picks Coby White and Rui Hachimura stupefy the Twitterverse with their lack of hip-hop equivalency.

I would usually sneer at any conversation that starts with “the kids these days..” but in this instance, my “old heady energy” is teeming with anticipation. Those who took in the NBA Draft this year might recall the interview segment concocted after the completion of the 2nd round. A host of characters including Coby White and Rui Hachimura, drafted by the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards respectively, were asked a series of questions testing their pop culture savvy.

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We took “Name the 90’s” to the and these NBA players are WAY younger than you thought 😂

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The quiz began as follows, with the interviewer the newly-minted pros to speak on their knowledge of video game consoles of the past and present. “What is that, Game Cast?” Coby White answered quizzically when presented with a cue card depicting a Super Nintendo console. Rui Hachimura was just as befuddled in his estimation – that he was looking at a PlayStation 1, or perhaps a primitive Nintendo GameCube. Neither respondent could make out the obvious answer.

In the next segment, White and Hachimura were asked to identify an OutKast song. As fate would have it, neither party could come up with an inaudible shazam. They were also unable to properly make out an EasyBake oven. As a result of their blunders, the Twitterverse has branded them as woeful characters. Many of the commenters were initially excited to see OutKast in the trending column, and in turn, took to encircling the platform in anticipation of an imminent album announcement, or a reunion of some sorts.

But alas, OutKast’s adoring fans were tricked into a false start. During the hour of darkness that ensued, these same resorted to defending the group’s legacy from a worst-case onslaught of post-millennial erasure. If you haven’t heard of OutKast, what’re you waiting on: a distress signal, another improbable blunder?

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Cameron Grant@coolcam101

Me checking Twitter to make sure OutKast is okay.

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Cheria (ReRe)@mzrere2u

I saw OutKast trending and thought another album was coming out.

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Just when you thought OutKast were gonna release new music just cuz they were trending, only to find out these new bum ass NBA players don’t know who they and Destiny’s Child are 🤦🏽‍♂️💀😑

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