Nicki Minaj’s “Megatron” Has Fans Either Dragging Or Celebrating The Rapper

Nicki Minaj’s “MEGATRON” Posts Have Fans Creating Theories
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Nicki Minaj is back and people have mixed feelings about it.

Nicki Minaj decided to re-emerge into the rap world this week when she announced that she would be dropping a brand new single. She’s been teasing the arrival of “Megatron” for days and finally, it was released today. Fans have been reacting in myriad ways after checking out the hit, either responding favourably or pretty terribly. Nicki is one of the most popular artists on the entire planet so anything she drops is bound to be met with equal amounts of love and hate. What did people really think about “Megatron” though?

The song has been marketed as Nicki’s big return to the game after taking a few months off. Did it live up to all the hype? As of right now, it stands at a 44% user rating on our site, which is below average. Early responses have been extreme with one commenter even saying this might be the “worst song of her career.” While we doubt it’s that bad, others were equally as unimpressed with her attempt at creating a dancehall record.

Social media was a little nicer on the global superstar with her Barbs backing her up strongly. The song is understandably a summer bop and while many were expecting straight bars from the Queens emcee, we’ll all have to wait to hear her latest lyrical adventure another time. What did you think of the song?

Kakashi’s Son 🍥@__Crawley

Megatron was not … just no , how you name the song after a bad guy and not once correlate with the character , she was supposed to snap this not it

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i already know megatron gonna flop and i feel bad for her but the song is not it i really tried to like it

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your upper body@Liberianboii86

Megatron isn’t bad I could do without the singing.. it’s very Jason Derulo , Flo Rida

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Thank you @NICKIMINAJ for never giving us a bad song and always having bangers after bangers that we play 25/8.

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