Lauren London “Sends Prayers” For Her Beloved Nipsey Hussle On Father’s Day

Snoop Dogg Offers Heartfelt Prayers To Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London
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Lauren London’s “June 16th” is a day of constant reflection.

Within days of providing the Instagram massive with never-before-seen images of her dearly departedNipsey Hussle, Lauren London dedicated a special post to mark the occasion of Father‘s Day. In it, she states, “One of the reasons I fell in Love with You…. Your Fatherhood Today we celebrate You, Love you Ermias,” with the enjambment of a love poem.

Pictured in the post are London, Nipsey, and their lovechild Kross, who was/is only 2-years of age at the time of his father’s passing. London continued her dedication to “Nipsey the Father” in the annals of her Instagram storyboard. There, she invoked a syncretic message in altogether different words. “Happy Father’s Day to The Great. Sent a lot of prayers to Heaven last night,” she wrote.

Come to think of it, Father’s Day marks the 2-month anniversary of Nipsey’s death, and as you can see, his closest allies aren’t anywhere close to done touting his good name. Just a few days ago, Trae Tha Truth added a fitting video tribute to his “Nipsey” eulogy. The whole ordeal involved the ABN rapper visited Nipsey’s hometown milieu in an effort to better understand the general make-up of his fallen comrade. Nipsey is due all the reverence in the world for extending his consistent character into parenthood.

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