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If you are watching any Cardi B, City Girls or Nicki Minaj video, you probably think that young people are out here getting it popping. The over sexualization of music (and the artists that make the music) seems to imply that hoochie coochie is as common place in the culture. However, a study out of Great Britan published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour says differently.

The research states that millennials (persons between the 1981 – 1999) are having less sex than their parents did when they were their same age. In fact, the study states that one out of every eight 26-year-olds is still a virgin and that 1/3 of American men (regardless of race) between the ages of 18 and 29 have not had sex at all in 2018. But who is out here making all these celebrity babies????

Millennials are not the ones not having sex. Statistics about the sexual behavior of Gen Z teens are in, and numbers state that 60% of them have opted to remain virgins until they graduate. If you juxtapose that to the 90s, their parents who were in the rocking Gen X cohort where the majority of them lost their virginity by prom night, they are extremely sexually modest.

You may be wondering why?

  1. Psychologist say that there are a gang of reasons for the sexlessness. They are as follows:
  2. Porn is everywhere and they are burned out.
  3. Dating Apps give far to many options and these young people can either pass of what doesn’t meet their criteria.
  4. Too many of them are living with their parents.
  5. Millennials are too uptight


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