Meek Mill Blasts “Racist As Hell” Cosmopolitan Hotel For Threatening To Arrest Him

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Meek Mill Blasts "Racist As Hell" Cosmopolitan Hotel For Threatening To Arrest Him

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Meek Mill was barred from entering the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon (May 25). The Philly-bred rapper and two of his security guards arrived at the property around 3:30 p.m. local time when security stopped them.

When Meek confronted security about their reason behind the ban, they accused him of “trespassing” and threatened to arrested him, yet they never explained why exactly he wasn’t allowed at the hotel. Meek quickly took to Twitter to blast the Cosmopolitan for their perceived racist behavior.

“If you come from our culture you should never step foot in the cosmopolitan hotel they just really racist as hell,” he wrote. “Something really has to be done in Las Vegas what they doing to black people!”

He added, “They telling black rappers they are banned from properties without incident … they just told me I was trespassing and I will be arrested. I stepped in that hotel once at a jayz party without incident!”

The Championships mastermind shared video of the security team saying they are “refusing” to be business with him and that they “have a right” to do that.

“The cosmopolitan hotel …. and it’s a few other hotels that be doing this to black entertainers because they don’t want too many blacks on they property!” he captioned the clip. “Vegas notorious for this too its not just me!!!!”

In a letter obtained by HipHopDX, Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina called out Anthony Pearl who works for the Cosmopolitan, threatening legal action if Meek doesn’t get an apology. Tacopina also reveals the hotel allegedly keeps a list of black entertainers who aren’t allowed on the property.

Mr. Pearl,

Please be advised the our firm represents performing artist Robert Williams, known professionally as Meek Mill. It has come to our attention that your hotel, through its security personnel, brazenly denied access to Mr. Williams without just cause. In fact, the incident of his exclusion was captured on a recording. And, evidenced thereby, despite inquiring as to the reason for his denied access, Mr. Williams was afforded no explanation whatsoever. Simply put, your security chief embarrassingly did not even know the reason for Mr. William’s denied entry.

Your hotel’s failure to provide a reason for singling our Mr. Williams is incredibly telling. In short, we have learned that the Cosmopolitan maintains a list of African American recoding artists who should be denied access for no other reason than their culture and skin color. Such course of conduct constitutes discrimination per se, in violation of state and federal law, and exposes you to significant monetary damages.

In light of the foregoing, we urge you to promptly issue an apology to Mr. Williams and grant him immediate access. In the event you fail to heed this one and only warning, we intend to pursue all legal recourse against you.

Meek was on cite to see a DJ Mustard show. Cosmopolitan has yet to respond to Meek’s public outcry.

The 32-year-old ended his tirade with, “I needs lawyers ASAP y’all not gone treat me like I’m just a rapper and expect me to be quiet.”

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