Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber Partner Up For Their Catchy Pop Jam “I Don’t Care”


The pair sing about how invaluable their wives are.

Expect to hear Ed Sheeran‘s Justin Bieber-assisted single “I Don’t Care” at every turn for the rest of the year because the pop duo has crafted a hit that is sure to be on repeat. The track is produced by Max Martin, Shellback and FRED, and is a relationship anthem for those that want to tell their significant others just how much they care for them. No matter where they are they know everything is okay because their partners are by their sides.

Bieber also mentions his struggle with anxiety in his lyrics as he sings about attending a social function while “crippled with anxiety.” He’s spoken openly about his mental health battles, even last week sharing a lengthy encouraging message on social media. “Don’t stop fighting the battle has already won,” he wrote. “Fight for what you love and who you love don’t let fear and anxiety win.”

Both Sheeran and Bieber know the formula to penning a chart-topping hit, so undoubtedly “I Don’t Care” will be a summer single that will be around long after the sunshine months are gone.

Quotable Lyrics

We at a party we don’t wanna be at
Tryna talk, but we can’t hear ourselves
Press your lips, I’d rather kiss ’em right back
With all these people all around
I’m crippled with anxiety

Ciara & Kelly Rowland Link Up For “Girl Gang” Anthem


The pair deliver a chanting girl power anthem.

Ciara‘s Beauty Marks is filled with empowering lyrics set to pop-laced production meant to get fans on the dancefloor, and the Atlanta artist’s single “Girl Gang” featuring Kelly Rowland fits the mold perfectly. The anthem-style song features the pair shouting “girl gang” as they are “iced out” with their “squad goals.” Ciara and the Destiny Child singer created “Girl Gang” to uplift the ladies and let them know that they’re capable of anything, with or without a partner by their side.

In a recent sit down with iHeartRadio, Ciara explains that she purposefully kept Beauty Marksuptempo throughout. “In that moment it kind of felt like [being a single mother who was trying to figure out life] was a scar, but ultimately it was a beautiful thing, because I gained wisdom from it, I grew from it,” adding “My mission for my project is to inspire the world, to inject love, and make the world dance. That’s all I want to do. So, there’s a few slow songs, like two, but the rest of it, you’re moving nonstop.”

Quotable Lyrics

Girls just wanna have fun
No, they wanna have funds, stackin’ up revenue (Yeah)
Tryna hit it, no commitment, tell ’em hell no
He ask your favorite position, tell him CEO

Buju Banton Drops “Country For Sale,” His First Single Returning From Prison


The saga continues, Buju Banton’s “Country For Sale” applied with ease like a seasoned “Champion.”

Within months of retaking what was rightfully his at the National Stadium in March, Buju Banton is really back in his wheelhouse, publishing new material. “Country For Sale” serves many functions outside of his regular job parameters. The song is in essence, an opportunity for the Dancehall legend to answer the personal convictions imparted on him during a lengthy bid in Jamaican penal system.

Check the records: it’s taken Buju Banton nearly half a year to get his footing. The 45-year old reggae/dancehall artist was sentenced to 8 years for drug trafficking, without recourse. Within that period, the rare Buju bootleg would manifest itself, prolonging the anticipation for a good comeback narrative in the coming months or years.

Ironically, Buju’s successor in terms of popularity (Vybz Kartel) was also incarcerated, several years later. With two of their idols behind bars, Jamaicans certainly they were robbed of many good years of service. In truth, Buju Banton’s incarceration was in some way fortuitous characters, filling the void made by his absence. Now that he’s been returned to the Jamaican public, and Vybz is seemingly finding a way to publish material despite the circumstances of his life imprisonment, the Dancehall scene might just be entering a brand new era of prosperity. Check out “Country For Sale” and hit us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

Country for sale apply within
Now Cobell tell me what a gwan
I hear them sell off everything
Name your price if the bargain is right
Oh yeah with the right connections
You can have anything that you like
Alright then you can have anything

The Lox Rides Again On Sheek Louch’s “On That Sh*t”


Thirty years deep, The Lox is still standing as a united front.

After thirty-plus years deep in the game, The Lox trifecta continues to put in work. Though it’s been a minute since Money, Power, & Respect dropped back in 1998, Styles, Sheek, and Jadakiss have remained prolific in their output, never missing a step where stylistic integrity is concerned. Despite remaining pillars of New York’s legendary hip-hop scene, Sheek and his partners have proven adaptive in a shifting musical landscape, exploring different beats while retaining their original essence. Today, the Lox rides again on Sheek Louch‘s new album Beast Mode 3, following last week’s Uncle Murda collaboration “Good Good.”

“On That Shit” finds the Lox taking to a dark yet anthemic instrumental, Sheek sets it off with a noted sense of hunger. “I’m grown as shit, now everything I do I want some ownership,” he growls, before passing the mic to Styles P. How the Ghost still has verses in the cut remains unknown, given that he’s been delivering heat on a yearly basis. Mr. Raspy himself comes through to close it out, keeping his voice slightly restrained as he rides the instrumental; there’s a certain tension in his cadence, as if he’s about to snap at the slightest provocation. Check this one out now, especially if you’re still riding the wave of Old Head Energy from Beast Coast’s Basement Cypher.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m grown as shit, now everything I do I want some ownership
Fu*k chillin, you ain’t on my page I ain’t condoning it
I’m on that shit, I don’t want your bitch I just want guap
Where the bag at, fu*k going to eat I just want top

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