Isaiah Rashad Teases Smooth New Track From Upcoming Album

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Good things come to those who wait, and Isaiah Rashad fans.

Isaiah Rashad has solidified himself as TDE‘s unsung hero, having amassed an excellent discography while taking his sweet time in crafting each effort. Of course, the idiom suggests art cannot be rushed, and Rashad ascribes to that theory in principle. Yet another idiom suggests that good things come to those who wait, a bittersweet truth with which his fans are well familiar. Still, the rapper has not been frugal with his snippets, and once again he’s taken to Instagram Live to preview an upcoming look at his new project.

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The track features a misty, wandering synth pad, paired with a steady drumline – arranged with an acoustic kit, at that. Rashad brings forth a laid back chorus, creating a smooth, melodic, and soulful vibe. Around a minute in, Isaiah switches up his cadence and begins spitting, evoking memories of The Roots on the somber How I Got Over. Overall, the track sounds extremely promising, and we can’t wait to hear this one arrive in full.

At this moment, no release date details have been released, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see him drop at some point this year. It’s been three years since The Sun’s Tirade, and even the most ardent perfectionist must have his due. For now, it’s till in Rashad we trust.

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