Ty Dolla $ign Prompts New Album Speculation: “Dolla$ign $eason Almost Here”

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 John Sciulli/Getty Images

Ty Dolla $ign sets his sights on the summer.

It’s been almost two years since Ty Dolla $ign dropped off his last solo album, the acclaimed Beach House 3. Though he did fill the off-season with various features and the Jeremih-assisted MihTih, fans have been clamoring for another solo album from the talented singer. Despite a few setbacks serving to stymie his rollout at the onset of the year, Ty Dolla has officially set his sights on the moves ahead, taking to Instagram to ring in some exciting, albeit relatively vague news.

Taking to Instagram, Ty Dolla $ign pledged that “Dolla$ign $ea$on” is “almo$t here,” providing an additional clip for additional emphasis. The visuals are definitely interesting, as a collage of interconnected imagery comes alive to the sound of a simmering synth build-up. It’s difficult to discern any possible musical direction off this alone, but Ty Dolla has proven versatile enough to get the mind racing.

Given that Beach House 3 had an autumn release, it will be interesting to see how the summer months impact his chosen musical aesthetic, if at all. What say you to the prospect of receiving a new Ty Dolla album?

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