Trae The Truth Wants To Help Flood Water Victims

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 Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Trae the Truth wants to help his fellow Houstonians.

Trae the Truth has recently spoken up about helping his fellow Houstonians with the overwhelming flood waters the city is scheduled to go through very soon. The Texas-bred rapper shared a message via an Instagram video hinting on the oncoming natural disaster and urged folks to reach out to his volunteer group, Relief Gang. The aforementioned association is known to help out individuals during major floods. Moreover, Trae added he would be doing several rescues within the next few days, considering the threatening weather will most likely worsen.

This would not be Trae the Truth’s first act of benevolence when it comes to natural disasters. During Hurricane Harvey, the rapper also helped out by rescuing people who were trapped due to the flooding waters. Moreover, he also lent a hand to rebuild the homes which were damaged from the passing hurricane. To note, Hurricane Harvey occurred back in 2017 and ravaged both the Houston metropolitan area and parts of Southeast Texas. The storm was considered one of the most damaging in US history, inflicting a total of $125 billion dollars in damages. The disaster ensued major flooding which resulted from the catastrophic rainfall triggered by the storm.


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