Pink Sweat$ Performs A Medley During Rosy “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Appearance

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 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The R&B singer says he’s bringing a different style to R&B.

Following his break-out debut Volume 1 last year, Pink Sweat$ dropped Volume 2 at the end of March. The 2019 EP is a five-track melodic embrace of love songs backed by hypnotizing guitar chords partnered with what the singer described as “table percussion” throughout many of the tracks. He told Beats 1 Radio it was “me banging on the tables, handclaps, snaps, whatever.” He further explained to Rolling Stone, “The drums are not actually drums — it’s me hitting the table, clapping my hands, snapping,” Sweat$ says. “People are still like, ‘Most times you release a full-produced thing first.’ And I’m like, that’s why I’m doing it the other way.”

The R&B crooner recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform a medley of his two tracks “Honesty” and “Coke and Henny Pt. 2.” He and his three-piece band grooved under pink lights as Sweat$ rocked rose-colored glasses and stood behind a pink flower-laced microphone stand. According to Sweat$, he’s an artist that’s changing up the R&B game by going against the standard.

“I’m not trying to be different — I am different,” he claims. “I never talk about sex in an explicit way; that’s intentional. I never degrade women; that’s intentional. I don’t have a [fancy] haircut. I wear pink. That’s not typical for the history of R&B.” Check out Pink Sweat$’s pink-heavy performance on Kimmel below.


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