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Victim Shot During Nipsey Hussle Murder Has Been Arrested

Victim Shot During Nipsey Hussle Murder Has Been Arrested
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56-year-old Kerry Lathan has been arrested for associating with a gang member.

Not much has been said about the two men that were shot during Nipsey Hussle‘s murder. We know that they both survived gunshot wounds but until today, not a lot of information had been released about either one of them. One man that was also shot outside of The Marathon Store on Crenshaw has just been identified to the public but the reason why isn’t so positive at all.

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

As previously reported, Nipsey Hussle was only at his shop to help out an old friend who had just been released from prison, getting him some fresh gear so that he could get laced that week. One of the victims of the shooting outside of the store, Kerry Lathan, had just been released from a 20-year bid and the 56-year-old has actually just been arrested because of his association to a Rollin’ 60s Crips member: Nipsey Hussle. 

According to TMZ, Kerry Lathan, who was treated at the hospital after suffering gunshot wounds, has been taken into police custody as he sits behind bars at Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles. He was arrested while everybody was celebrating the life of Nipsey Hussle yesterday. Lathan is confined to a wheelchair as a direct result of the shooting. He is reportedly unable to walk. He was brought to the jail from his halfway house.


Cypress Hill Makes History With Induction Into Hollywood Walk Of Fame

 Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Cypress Hill will become the first Latino American Hip-Hop group to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

There are only a few rap acts that have been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Queen Latifah, PharrellDiddyLL Cool J and Snoop Dogg have been received a spot on the Hollywood Walk over the years. This week, one of hip-hop’s most iconic groups will be honored with their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Cypress Hill’s career has spanned over 30 years. Along the way, they’ve broken barriers and became the first Latino American hip-hop group to have platinum-selling albums with over 20M albums sold worldwide. This Thursday, they’ll be inducted into the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, making them the first Latino American hip-hop group to receive such honor.

“We are proud to honor the first Latino American hip-hop recording group,” producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ana Martinez, told ABC7. “They have been successful as a group for three decades and we know they will continue their success for many years to come.” 

The ceremony is set to take place on April 18th at 11:30 a.m. promptly in front of Green Leaf Restaurant at Eastown. The ceremony will include guest speeches by George Lopez and Xzibit.

Cypress Hill ™@cypresshill

Join us for our induction to the Hollywood Walk of Fame! @B_Real @OGSenDog @ericbobo @mixmastermike @DJ_Muggs @JulioG1580KDAY @georgelopez @xzibit @WalkofFameStar !

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In 2018, the group released Elephants On Acid, which served as their first studio album in eight years.

You could watch the livestream of Cypress Hill’s induction at http://www.walkoffame.com/ this Thursday.


Tory Lanez Says “One Day I’ll Be The Biggest Artist In The World”

 Cindy Ord/Getty Images

And he “believes that wholeheartedly.”

Fresh off the release of his International Fargo mixtape, a four-track surprise album that he dropped last week, Tory Lanez popped up in London for an interview with Good Morning Britain. The rapper is far from shy so it’s no surprise that when he was asked about growing up in a religious household and how his music is a far cry from that upbringing, he was clear on his goals and how it all comes together for him.

“My dad, I used to watch him go around the world and travel with us and bring us places…watching him just go on stage and preach. My dad is a very ordained speaker…gifted, just watching him perform every night and just communicating it to the people, I think that’s brought me into a place to do that.”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

“It’s very simple for me, one day I will be the biggest artist in the world and I believe that wholeheartedly,” he said. “But in order for me to be the biggest artist in the world, there has to be some sort of light that I bring into dark situations or dark places. So, in order to bring light into dark places, I then have to go into a dark place.

Lanez is stacking his bricks to build the empire as he’s recently signed rapper Melii, much to the dismay of Meek Mill. He’s also squared up against fellow artists Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″, but later apologized for his behavior.

Nipsey Hussle’s Procession Will Travel 25 Miles Through Los Angeles: Report

Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Speaks On The Impact The Rapper Had On His Community
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It will be Nipsey’s final tour of his favorite city.

The Staples Center, along with Nipsey Hussle’s loved ones, are preparing for the “Celebration of Life” memorial service for the rapper that will be held this Thursday. Yesterday, the venue released details of the service, including that California residents may attend for free and tickets go on sale today at 10:00 a.m. on axs.com. They also wrote, “Out of respect to the family, cameras and recording devices will not be permitted inside the venue. You may be asked to leave the event if you are found recording or taking photos.”

TMZ is reporting more about the plans for the day, including details regarding the funeral procession that will take place. According to the publication, Nipsey’s casket will be driven around the city of Los Angeles, a 25-mile stretch. It will be Nipsey’s last tour of the streets that he loved before he is laid to rest. It’s reported that he will pass by many familiar landmarks, including his Marathon clothing store where he lost his life. The rapper’s casket will be at the memorial and the procession is reportedly scheduled to begin as soon as the service ends.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Nipsey’s family wanted to make sure that the community who wanted to pay their respects and honor Nipsey would be able to along the route. The procession is expected to take approximately an hour and a half to complete and will end at a funeral home in the Crenshaw district.

Drake & Future Continue To Tease Second Collaborative Project On Instagram

The rappers teased that “What a Time to Be Alive 2” once again.

In 2015, Drake and Future dropped their What a Time to Be Alive project, and it looks like there may be more collaborative efforts in the works for this pair. The rappers haven’t worked together much since then, but today Future posted a cryptic video clip to his Instagram story of himself and the OVO rapper. 

The camera kept moving erratically, but viewers can see Drake throwing up the number two. “What is that?” he says. “Two. We gotta cook that up,” Drake says as he laughs. Future pans the camera to himself and smiles while saying, “It’s already cooked. Top secret.” The rumor mill has been buzzing that these two have been sitting on a completed project, waiting for the perfect time to drop the new record, and their recent antics have fueled speculations.

Earlier this month, OnSmash reported that they spoke to sources who confirmed that WATTBA2 is definitely finished. “The effort is said to be entirely new music and is not leftovers from their recording sessions over the last few years,” they wrote. “It’s unclear when the two found time to lock in some studio time together; but we’re assuming Drake may be the deciding factor if it comes out or not.”

Responses from fans on the possible forthcoming second collaboration have been a mixed bag, even though back in 2015 it debuted at number one of the Billboard 200 chart. Do you want Drake and Future to drop a Part 2?

Darden was “privately retained for Holder.”

OJ Simpson Murder Trial Prosecutor Chris Darden Is Eric Holder’s Defense Attorney

The attorney who will be representing Holder is a familiar face in high-profile court drama history. Christopher Darden became a household name in the 1990s when he worked as a prosecutor in the infamous OJ Simpson trial that was held in Los Angeles but streamed worldwide. In the courtroom today, Holder only made one brief comment as he agreed to delay his next court proceeding until May 10. He faces life in prison and his bail is set at $5 million. According to the L.A. Times, Darden was “privately retained for Holder.

It’s been less than a week since 33-year-old Nipsey Hussle was murdered in Los Angeles and his alleged killer, 29-year-old Eric Holder, has pleaded not guilty to the crime. The aspiring rapper was in court earlier today as it was officially announced that he’s facing one count of possession of a firearm by a felon, two counts of attempted murder for the two survivors of the shooting, and one count of murder for the death of Nipsey.

Damian Dovarganes-Pool/Getty Images

Darden did his best to keep cameras out of the courtroom and away from snapping photos of his client, but that didn’t work out well for him. He claimed that there was an “issue of identity,” but at this point Holder’s face is been distributed online so the judge didn’t agree. Reporters outside of the courthouse tried getting questions answered regarding the handgun involved in the case and whether or not it has been located. However, that is still information that has not been released.

This isn’t the first time Holder has been arrested. Back in 2012, he spent 180 days in jail and was placed on three years of probation following a conviction over carrying a firearm. The woman responsible for driving the getaway car has reportedly made claims that she had no idea that a shooting was going to occur when she gave Holder a ride. She has been cooperative with investigators and has not been arrested or charged, according to Josh Rubenstein, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Director of Communications. 

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