Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” Netflix Trailer Is Here

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 Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images

Beyoncé’s documentary will premiere on April 17.

Last year, Beyoncé shook things up when she performed at Coachella, boosting her profile even further and reaching true living legend status. The entertainer can do it all; she can sing, act, dance, and do so much more. One thing that we all know about her is that with her vast experience on stage, she’s an incredible performer. When you buy tickets to go see Beyoncé in concert, you will not be disappointed. This weekend, Netflix started to tease a potential Homecoming for Beyoncéand, naturally, her fans went a little nuts. Now, the official announcement has been made and the upcoming documentary about Bey’s iconic performance at Coachella 2018 will be premiering later this month.

Coinciding with Coachella 2019, the much-anticipated Homecoming film will be streaming on Netflix on April 17 and the trailer has just been released, showing the transformation from what was once just a vision in Beyoncé’s head to a full-fledged creative takeover. The official trailer shows behind-the-scenes footage, including scenes of the dancers learning choreography, images of the superstar singer with her family, and, of course, videos of the actual Coachella show.

Beyoncé is always finding ways to innovate, which certainly can’t be easy in an industry filled with capable talents all over the world. However, Bey is built from a special cloth and her Homecomingdocumentary looks set to be the next step in her illustrious career. With the release of a new film, fans will likely begin to speculate on the possibility of new music. Do you think an album is on the way?

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