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The rapper issued a statement after the sexual assault case was cleared.

Rapper Nelly can breathe easier now that the sexual assault case he was involved in has been dropped. A woman only known as Jane Doe from Essex, England accused the St. Louis rapper of sexual assault, claiming that he masturbated in front of her and forced himself on her. From the onset of the investigation, Nelly has insisted that he was innocent of the accusations, also stating that he’s fully cooperating with investigators.

Meanwhile, his accuser wasn’t as forthcoming. In the years following the alleged 2017 assault, there have been reports that she wasn’t cooperating with the police. The Blast said that the anonymous woman‘s attorney, who previously represented another woman who accused Nelly of assault, claims that Essex police have done “shoddy” work because law officials are intimidated by Nelly and his legal team and haven’t followed protocol throughout the investigation.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Nelly tells issued a statement to The Blast saying, “I am very thankful to the U.K. police for thoroughly investigating the false allegations against me and I am satisfied with the results of this case and the previous one in the US, both driven by the same attorney, both being dropped. I stand with women and real survivors and can’t wait to just focus on what I love, family, music and reconnecting with the fans that have stood by me through these turbulent times.”

He first spoke out about these allegations earlier this month where he stated his accuser was damaging his reputation and doing a “disservice” to women who are true victims of sexual assault.

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