BlueFace’s “Thotiana” Opus: Which Remix Was The Best?

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Blueface’s infectious lingo has all the kids excited.

Like it or not, BlueFace has cast a temporary spell over the rap game. Whether the young rapper can prove his staying power remains to be seen, but for now, the Blue One stands among the game’s rising stars. Largely driven by his infectious lingo and admittedly clever sense of humor, BlueFace has found himself sitting on a viral hit in “Thotiana.” The anthem has gone on to score the rapper his first Hot 100 placement, and as of now, the track currently sits at number 13. It’s safe to say that “Thotiana” has gone on to become BlueFace’s “opus,” the song that may very well define the opening chapter of his career.

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Given “Thotiana’s” runaway success, it’s no wonder that a cavalcade of rappers has rolled through with their own renditions. Cardi BYGNicki Minaj, Young MA, Soulja Boy, and Desiigner all put forth their best efforts, with the former two earning a spot alongside Blueface on the official remix. Even French Montana is looking to get in on the action, though his variation on the “BOP” has yet to be officially released. Despite the fact that many opted for a genuinely rough “-iana” rhyme scheme, the remixes proved to be relatively popular, a spiritual successor to last year’s “Who Run It” challenge. With no shortage of different “Thotiana” options to chose from, why not cast a vote for the best version?

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Best “Thotiana” Remix

Best "Thotiana" Remix

Nicki Minaj - "Bust Down Barbiana"

Nicki Minaj – “Bust Down Barbiana”

Young MA - "Thotiana Remix"

Young MA – “Thotiana Remix”

Desiigner - "Thotiana Remix"

Desiigner – “Thotiana Remix”

Tyga - "Thotiana Freestyle"

Tyga – “Thotiana Freestyle”

Cardi B - "Thotiana Remix"

Cardi B – “Thotiana Remix”

YG - "Thotiana Remix"

YG – “Thotiana Remix”

Soula Boy - "Thotiana Remix"

Soula Boy – “Thotiana Remix”

Cuban Doll - "Thotiana Remix"

Cuban Doll – “Thotiana Remix”

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