Nicki Minaj Strikes A Seductive Pose On The Couch

 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj assumes the position.

Nicki Minaj loves to get the people talking. Even when she’s not doing much, she still manages to create headlines. There was some controversy this week after one of her concerts was cancelled in France, leading fans to actually chant Cardi B’s name when they found out the news. With the history that Cardi and Nicki have, that couldn’t have felt good for the multi-platinum superstar as she sat backstage. She brought back her Queen Radio show today, reporting live from London, and she also showed off her body on Instagram to try and get the haters to quiet down.

Minaj is all about her Fendi, shouting out the brand in her “Chun-Li” lyrics and rocking their designs on the regular. She wore a full-Fendi print in her newest pictures, assuming the position on the couch and getting a little sexy for her socials. She laid on the couch in a suggestive position, arching her back and adding a tongue emoji for good measure. She followed up the post by sharing a few more of her memories from London, hitting the club with her girls and carrying around a giant pink unicorn in the street.

When she’s not releasing music, at least she’s reminding the fans of her existence on the regular. Take a look at her latest updates.

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