Kendrick Lamar Twitter Update Has Fans Believing An Album Is Coming

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Kendrick Lamar’s social media page has gone fully black.

In the grand scheme of things, this could mean absolutely nothing. We may be getting way ahead of ourselves by believing what could turn out to just be a silly rumor. However, we’re willing to take that risk. Recently, Kendrick Lamar updated his Twitter page and fans noticed that a theme is starting to take place. The artist’s avatar was switched for an all-black shade, with the header on his profile page updated similarly. We’ve seen rappers do this time and time again. When they change up the social media theme, it means an album is on the way. Because of that, some fans believe that Kenny may actually be coming through soon and there’s some potential evidence.


Kendrick Lamar has changed his profile picture and header to black on Instagram and Twitter.

The last time he did this was in March 2017, and we got the Heart Part 4 followed by his album DAMN in April 👀

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Members of the TDE camp have denied that Lamar is working on a new opus but there are (hopefully) legitimate signs pointing to the opposite. According to Daily Rap Facts on Twitter, the last time Kenny blacked out his profile was right before dropping “The Heart Part 4.” He also did the same thing prior to releasing DAMN. in April 2017. As we said, this might not actually mean anything but we’re still pretty stoked about the potential this carries.

You may also remember that a preemptive announcement was made for a 2019 Kendrick album when the label posted a graphic with the “news” last year. Could we actually be getting some new music from Pulitzer Kenny soon?

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