Wendy Williams Defends Nicki Minaj After Fans Chant “Cardi B” At Cancelled Show

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Nicki Minaj’s concert was cancelled because of technical issues.

Ever since Wendy Williams returned to television, she’s been making up for lost time with the Hot Topics segment. We’ve heard her give her opinion on Jussie SmollettR. Kelly, and more. Recently, she spoke about a few of the biggest stories from over the weekend. She touched on YBN Almighty Jay’s attackJennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’ engagement, and Nicki Minaj‘s cancelled shows. Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel her show in Bordeaux, France at the very last minute. Fans were already in their seats, getting amped for the performance. While it’s never nice to hear that the show you’re about to watch has been cancelled, Wendy Williams believes that the folks chanting Cardi B’s name after the announcement was made were in the wrong.

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Another flop in the basket . Nicki Minaj cancels yet another show probably embarrassed by upcoming videos of the stadium being empty & on top of that your “fans” leave screaming cardi’s name throw the WHOLE tour away 😹⚰️ hang it up sweetie

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“That was unnecessary,” said the host. In Nicki’s explanation, she said that the building she was set to perform in did not have the power that she needed to perform her show. Williams says that if she were in Nicki’s position, she would have still gone on stage to address the crowd herself. She would have told them that they could get refunds, inviting them to the next performance which would be “bigger and better.” While she would have addressed the situation differently, Wendy does believe that Nicki made the right decision by cancelling the show.

“She couldn’t have performed last night [the day after the cancellation], that wouldn’t have been fair,” said Wendy. “Nicki would’ve had a less-than show and that would’ve passed to a less than show in London [on Monday.]”

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