YG & DJ Mustard Discuss Oppression Of Black Men & “Cancel Culture”

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YG & DJ Mustard are filmed in the midst of a lively discussion regarding the R. Kelly & Michael Jackson.

TMZ caught up with YG and DJ Mustard for a sober discussion over the adjacent R. Kelly-MJ debates currently on the docket. Strangely enough, TMZ chose to facilitate the discussion outside of a nightclub, that’s just how politicking goes in ’19.

DJ Mustard leveled things off by labeling R. Kelly “a monster” and “a pig,” before letting his sparring partner get a word in. “Wait, wait, wait,” YG interjected. “Hold on, he don’t fuck with R. Kelly but he don’t even know..” the rapper motions to his friend, whilst staring into the camera lens, aware that he’s was being filmed.

But DJ Mustard held firm, in this day in age, it doesn’t take much digging at all to reach a final conclusion. YG relished the opportunity to play devil’s advocate, but not because disagreed with his friend. They both seem to be “over” them both, in a manner of speaking. But YG reserved the greater judgment for the dominant White culture over what he believes is racial subjugation.

“What I don’t fuck with is these White people that been on what they been on about Michael Jackson because he’s a Black male know what I’m saying,” YG would later emphasize.

Mustard admitted that Surviving R. Kelly is what turned him against the singer. Neither speaker seemed willing to watch the Leaving Neverland documentary, only Mustard openly admitted to not seeing it at all. YG’s anti-oppressive practices are well documented, whether they’re reflected in the lyrics he spits or the conscious decisions he’s made as a Black entrepreneur.

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