T.I. Clear Of Fraud Allegations By Ex-Restaurant Employees As Case Is Dismissed

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The court closed the case and the rapper didn’t settle.

Tip has reason to celebrate now that he has one less court case to worry about. In February 2018, T.I. reached a settlement with former employees of his now-closed restaurant Scales 925. The restaurant opened its doors in 2015, but faced a number of problems through the years. One notable incident that shifted the restaurant’s reputation was when Glen Rice, Jr., an NBA player, was shot in the leg near Scales 925 following an argument that began at the eatery. After the Atlanta hotspot shut down, workers claimed that they weren’t paid for time that they worked.

A lawsuit was filed and in a settlement, the rapper agreed to pay $78,000 in damages. However, later that year he was facing a new lawsuit from the workers, this time with accusations of fraud. In the Fall of 2018, a lawsuit was filed against the rapper alleging that he and his business partners were moving money, $40K to be exact, and hiding the records from creditors. The money was reportedly a settlement that T.I. had with his partners, but the former employees asserted that it was just a clever way for the rapper to keep the money for himself.

Additionally, the workers alleged that T.I. and his partners paid themselves an “unreasonably high” salary while the restaurant was swallowing money and late last year, Scales 925 filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. According to The BlastT.I. can now rest easy because the fraud case has been dismissed by the court. The case has been closed, and T.I. won’t have to pay any additional funds to the workers.

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