R. Kelly Investigation Examines Everyone Involved In Sex Trafficking & Child Exploitation

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The Feds are looking to take down everyone involved.

It’s difficult to ignore the R. Kelly saga that’s unfolding in front of us all daily, but the investigations surrounding the jailed singer are moving in directions that many didn’t expect. The Chicago superstar is facing 10 charges of sexual misconduct and he’s currently behind bars due to owing over $160K in back child support. However, the Feds are also investigating Kelly, and they’re piecing together whether or not the 52-year-old is involved in the abuse and sex trafficking of women.

It’s being reported that a federal investigation has uncovered details that seem to support the accusation that Kelly has been allegedly trafficking underage girls around the United States. The Blast reports that officials aren’t just looking to take down Kelly, but anyone who has abused these girls. Investigators believe that Kelly has employed a team of ‘yes men’ who do his bidding, setting up schedules for the ladies who are allegedly under Kelly’s thumb.

According to the publication, this latest investigation into Kelly is being led by ICE Homeland security. While they are known for their work with detaining undocumented immigrants, ICE also handles all areas of human trafficking and child exploitation. They’ve apparently pulled out the big guns for the Kelly investigation, including a special agent who is described as being a “veteran” who has led many investigations such as this. The Feds have been working overtime, meeting with both reported victims and witnesses in Georgia earlier this week, including the family of Joycelyn Savage, one of Kelly’s girlfriends.

The singer remains in jail until he is able to post bond.

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