Soulja Boy was feeling flossy today when he shared a clip on Instagram, making sure everyone knows that when it comes to making money, he knows how to do it and do it right. The rapper parked his car and hopped out the orange vehicle in a matching ensemble, carrying stacks on stacks of cash. “I had the biggest comeback,” Draco said as he held the cash up to his chest. “Doors go up on the McLaren man, got the b*****s staring man. Quarter million on my chain. Hottest rapper in the rap game. Ten million views on my new single, ‘New Drip.’”

After giving a few shout outs, Soulja Boy offers up words of advice for those looking to become successful. “I’m a living testament that if you hustle hard and shine and live your best life…if you hustle hard and stay focused, your dreams will come true. ‘The Secret,’ law of attraction. Rich n***a s**t.”

T-Pain is a fan of Big Draco, too, as he told Big Boy on L.A.’s 92.3 The Real radio station that Soulja Boy deserves his props. “Soulja Boy is the greatest artist of all time. All I want for Soulja Boy is for all what he’s doing…to come with some music to back it up.” Ever since the 28-year-old rapper’s January interview with The Breakfast Club went viral,  2019 looks to be the Year of Soulja. He’s working on a feature-heavy record that sure to pack a few punches, so it seems as if he’s ready and able to put his money where his mouth is…And by the looks of it, he has plenty of money to go around.