In two years, Offset grew to become one of the biggest names in the entire music industry. He used to be standing in Quavo‘s shadow but now, he’s the most well-known member of the trio. Unfortunately, Takeoff is still chilling in the background but hopefully he can rise up soon. With his newfound star power and his attachment to Cardi B, Offset is insanely in demand with a decent amount of magazines interested in featuring him on their cover. Set decided to star on Slimi Magazine’s front page, bringing along a blunt and all his chains.

Both the rapper and the magazine shared photos from the shoot, announcing the cover together on Instagram. Slimi describes their magazine as the go-to source for trends and visual sophistication. By featuring Offset on the front, they’re covering both of that. The Music Issue features the Migos star rocking a few of his chains around his neck, wearing an assortment of bracelets as well. In one of the photos, he takes a puff from his blunt and blows out smoke toward the camera. Of course, each of his fingers is dripping in ice.

Offset recently dropped his solo debut album, getting personal on Father of 4. He reconciled with Cardi B in the last few months, deciding to reunite for the sake of their daughter.