Mystikal will be allowed to leave the state of Louisiana before his rape trial is set to commence. This marks the first time since his release in mid-February that Mystikal has shown any sort of leniency, let alone permission to roam free within the United States of America.

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Last week, it was reported that Mystikal would not be accepting a plea deal over the charges, because as he sees it: the evidence he and his lawyer Michael Tyler have compiled, are strong enough to beat the current.

According to a report published by Page Six, the 48-year old rapper will be allowed to cross Louisiana state lines so long as he wears a court-ordered ankle monitor. Mystikal was noticeably excited when he received the news, partially because it means he can resume his touring career.

“I can travel,” he said excitedly after hearing the judge’s decision. “I can earn some of my money back that I spent. I am in an incredible bind.”

Mystikal’s get the bag mentality is well-earned if not completely necessary because any profits accrued from touring out of state will certainly contribute to his legal tab and any monies owed from the $3 million bond posted on his behalf. At least a portion of the bond posting was posted by a label advance he secured several months ago, over the release of a series of pre-recorded projects. Would you check out a Mystikal show in 2019, comment below?