The smoke is not reserved for any particular person, place, or thing. At least, not in the eyes of Dreamville’s J.I.D, who recently found himself in an unexpected, yet thoroughly entertaining rap battle. Before hitting a show on his Catch Me If You Can tour, the Atlanta rapper found himself trapped in an elevator for a solid hour. Luckily, J.I.D. still had phone service available, allowing him to get in touch with firefighters, who proceeded to handle business accordingly.

After being released, JID took to Twitter to speak about the experience. “We was scared so I was mad at y’all for laughing, all I was thinking was splattttt lol but fuck it now I gotta go rap,” writes J.I.D, prompting a response from Dreamville president Ibrahim H. “N***a bar that elevator up my boy. That elevator don’t want the smoke,” he writes, ever the motivational speaker. J.I.D, a scholar of battle rap, appears happy to oblige with an opening volley.

Little did he know, the Elevator was not about to take the disrespect lying down. After receiving a few taunts from J.I.D,  the “Evil Elevator” took to Twitter to clap back. “Next time its me and you don’t call the fire fighters,” spits”Elevator.” “Oh you say you spit fire? I guess ima fire fighter…its too bad you aint have a lighter.”

J.I.D. returned with another heated round, prompting a retaliatory, and admittedly clutch verse from his opponent. All the while, Ibrahim watched the spectacle unfold, in awe of what he was beholding. “This is the best battle of all time,” he writes. Luckily, the feud between man and machine was able to resolve in an amicable fashion, with J.I.D. and the Elevator’s creator proceeding to link up at the concert later that night.