14-year-old King Harris has built a following of his own on social media. He’s part of a family of extremely talented individuals, led by none other than his father, the King of the South, T.I. We all know that Tip’s son Domani can spit. In fact, he’s probably one of the more talented lyricists out there today. However, when you’ve got a father that can rap like T.I., you can guarantee that there will be some friendly competition among his kids to see who can perform at the highest rate. King Harris is giving Domani a run for his money.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Obviously, Tip wants to see all of his kids succeed. If both Domani and King end up becoming famous recording artists, he and Tiny would be the proudest parents in the world. When he witnessed his son King take the stage recently, he made sure to tell the world about his skills on Instagram. In the process, he probably embarrassed the hell out of his son.

The Atlanta legend marvelled at King’s ability to get the crowd moving, making sure that everybody knows just where he came from. “My goodness…Look what my sperm can do!!!” wrote T.I. I don’t know about you but when I was fourteen, I didn’t want my father going around and saying stuff like that. Check out the video below.