The parents of Joycelyn Savage have been fighting to meet their daughter face to face. They’ve claimed that she’s been held against her will by R. Kelly, although she’s denied it. However, it looks like they’ll finally be reunited in the near future as R. Kelly’s team has agreed to set up a meeting between Joycelyn and the Savages.

Mike Pont/Getty Images

R. Kelly’s attorney, Gerald Griggs, told TMZ that a new member of the singer’s team has agreed to arrange a meeting with Joycelyn and her family next week. The person of Kells team is apparently someone who the family hasn’t spoken to in the past.

Griggs said that the agreement isn’t confirmed just yet because there haven’t been any concrete details laid out such as the date, time and the location. Kells team is aiming for Monday or Tuesday next week. Griggs also revealed that the Savages want to meet their daughter in a neutral zone outside of Chicago. Griggs said that the Savages will receive information on the meeting soon.

The Savages are confident that the meeting will take place. They’re reportedly planning to bring a psychologist with them to evaluate Joycelyn.

Footage of the family speaking to Joycelyn surfaced earlier today a few hours before Kells went back into court. She said that she’s “okay” and “happy.” However, many speculated that she was speaking from a script.

Joycelyn was alleged to be one of Kelly’s sex slaves, although she refuted that claim last night during her interview with Gayle King. However, the decision to allow her to meet with her family might have something to do with R. Kelly’s legal situation right now.