R. Kelly superfans are a dying breed in 2019, that should come as no surprise. But someone failed to send the “cancel’ memo to this impassioned Superfan who made the latest Cook County press conference, his very own gong show. While R. Kelly’s publicist Darryll Johnson stood in front of the crowd boisterous crowd, eager to hear the results from the hearing inside closed doors, the “Superfan” sprung forward interrupting the speaker midspeech.

“I don’t mean to interrupt the interview, but free R. Kelly, man,” the Superfan interjected, as Johnson looked on in amazement. Kelly’s publicist tried to change the course soon thereafter, but the Superfan wasn’t about to be silenced before getting his point across.

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JUST IN: Cook County Sheriff’s Office: R. Kelly taken into custody at a hearing over unpaid child support; he will be be transferred to county jail – @NBCChicago

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“I can walk this way. What the fuck you talkin’ bout, fam?,” the unknown fan said aloud, just as security started reining in on him. Those who witnessed the incident up close say the fan was moving in a calculated manner, his first retrieval but a ploy to re-enter the premises under less scrutiny.

According to The Blast, who first reported on the incident, the Superfan seemingly lashed out because he was unhappy with Darryll Johnson’s cautious wording during the presser. It’s believed the fan grew impatient with Johnson because the publicist refused to lobby for Kelly’s innocence. Incidentally, the Child Support charges are not concurrent with those relating to the DA’s prosecution efforts. So, in essence, Johnson had no reason to lobby for innocence, especially after his client just clamored about spending time with his children.