It shouldn’t come as much of surprise, but R. Kelly‘s impassioned pleas to reconnect with his children were likely spoken in vain. The recently-jailed R&B singer spoke on the issue a day prior to his arrest, on a CBS broadcast with interviewer Gayle King. Since the airing, TMZ has unearthed information casting serious doubt over his sincerity.

Unspecified sources close to the family/situation were contacted by TMZ, during which they told the media outlet R. Kelly hasn’t contacted ex-wife Drea Kelly or his children since 2017. If it weren’t for the gravity of the situation, R. Kelly ballistic “performance” during the Gayle King would have been repurposed as the new “crying Jordan meme” going forward.

Correction.. the staggering loop is already well on its way to Meme infamy.  As you can perceive with your own eyes and ears, Gayle tries to calm the impassioned singer by referring to him by his given name of Robert, but Kelly is already way too lost in the sauce to be reached on any level. “I’m trying to have a relationship, and I can’t do it,” he exclaims while coming to his feet.

As for the actual plausibility of reconnecting with his children, Drea Kelly has never once objected to the idea, even though she is on record as labeling her ex-husband a vile and underhanded individual. Surprisingly, TMZ is reporting that despite the turmoil, the door is still open for reconciliation, although I gather, the conversation only starts once R Kelly meets those child support requirements.