R. Kelly‘s interview with Gayle King may have sparked more memes than Soulja Boy‘s appearance on the Breakfast Club but one of his accusers sees his CBS appearance as a cry for help.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Jerhonda Pace accused R. Kelly of grooming her for sex when she was 16-years old but when she saw the singer’s interview, she didn’t see her abuser, but instead, “a man that needs help.” Taking to Facebook, she aired out her thoughts about R. Kelly’s meltdown on television.

“Studying psychology has done great things for me. Looking at that clip of Robert during his interview for Gayle King; I didn’t see R. Kelly, I didn’t see my abuser,” she wrote. “What I saw was a man that needs help.”

She continued to say the singer’s been surrounded by yes-men for decades who’ve never told him the truth about his wrongdoings. She suggests that this has contributed to Kelly’s belief that he’s innocent.

“When you’ve been doing wrong for decades, and the people around you makes you feel that your actions are right, you tend to believe that you’re doing no wrong. Him believing he’s doing no wrong is no different than an adult telling a child Santa is real,” she said. “I don’t believe that prison will help or “fix” Robert’s actual problems. Truth is he’s fighting for his beliefs. In his heart, mind, body, and soul he believes he’s done no wrong. I think asylum is what he needs: 24/7 care and attention. A psych evaluation is mandatory. Mental health is important.”

Peep her post below.