As Rah Diggah, Eve, and Sonja Blade once asked, “do the ladies run this motherfuc*er?” Evidently, they certainly put in work. Today, on International Woman’s Day, Spotify has unveiled some female-centric streaming numbers, highlighting the twenty most popular ladies on a national and global level. The window stretches from January to March 1st, so the numbers primarily serve to highlight the current musical climate.

The fact that Ariana Grande sits at the top in both categories may not be surprising, given her recent rise to utter chart (and headline) dominance. To put the popularity in perspective, Grande has 56 million monthly listeners, while Drake has a little over 42 million, and Eminem has a little over 29 million. Next up are Billie Eilish, Halsey, Cardi B, and Taylor Swift, who round out the top five. Nicki Minaj holds it down at six, despite having more monthly listeners than Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, and nearly surpassing Cardi’s own impressive 33 million.

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Check out the full list below, which serves as a barometer of today’s most popular leading ladies. The fact that Nicki’s last major release (excluding “Dumb Blonde”) came with last August’s Queen, it speaks to her staying power as a legacy act. Both Halsey, Cardi, and Eilish appear to be hitting their stride, given their relative youth in the game. There’s also a big look for Kehlani, who sits comfortably inside the top ten, at least in the U.S. The worldwide numbers paint a slightly different picture, though the key players largely remain the same.

Happy international women’s day, and be sure to show some respect to the ladies in your life.

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U.S Top 20

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Billie Eilish
  3. Halsey
  4. Cardi B
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Nicki Minaj
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Rihanna
  9. Kehlani
  10. Camila Cabello
  11. Dua Lipa
  12. Selena Gomez
  13. Bebe Rexha
  14. Beyonce
  15. Ella Mai
  16. Demi Lovato
  17. SZA
  18. Julia Michaels
  19. Sia
  20. Lana Del Rey

Worldwide Top 20

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Billie Eilish
  3. Lady Gaga
  4. Halsey
  5. Dua Lipa
  6. Taylor Swift
  7. Rihanna
  8. Cardi B
  9. Selena Gomez
  10. Nicki Minaj
  11. Sia
  12. Bebe Rexha
  13. Karol G
  14. Camila Cabello
  15. Anne-Marie
  16. Becky G
  17. Beyoncé
  18. Demi Lovato
  19. Miley Cyrus
  20. Adele