Since Noami Campbell doesn’t sport a rock on her ring finger, the question of her celibacy persists, or lack thereof. Gossip folk in the UK were hopeful she and Skepta would hit it off, but alas she threw him in the “zone” ever so delicately.

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During her latest “late night” appearance with on The Jonathan Ross Show, Naomi was asked all sorts of intrusive questions about her dating life, beginning with her rumored romance with One Direction singer Liam Payne, whom she literally dwarfs in age by multiples of two.

“There have been a lot of headlines recently connecting you to Mr. Liam Payne,” asked host Jonathan Ross, to which Naomi responded, “And?.. I never discuss my personal life. Another name?”

Jonathan Ross, suddenly red with the excitement over the prospect of playing the name game with his guest, racked his brain for the next eligible bachelor to pop up in his mind. “Drake? You got quite close to Drake,” he then asked.

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For the record, Ross’ dating inquiry over Drake isn’t completely unfounded. Earlier in the week, the Canadian rapper was spotted with Naomi Campbell, as they visited a London casino. They were even spotted dancing together, later on in the night, even though the British tabloids their native son Liam Payne come away a winner in the Naomi Campbell sweepstakes.

For what it’s worth, Naomi curved the presumptuous Drake rumors all the same, by telling Jonathan Ross, “I never discuss my personal life. I mean, it’s crazy it’s like one day it’s one person, the next day it’s another. Who is tomorrow? That’s what I want to know…” For an ageless beauty such as Naomi Campbell, no reasonable timeframe exists, that would ostensibly put a stop to the dating humdrum.

But on the real, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see her entertain a suitor half her age. Naomi is like an injection of rare earth everyone she goes. The tycoons in her dating pool possess all the resources in the world (she doesn’t lack) but rarely the stamina to keep pace. The Jonathan Ross interview airs tonight, stay tuned.