TMZ just unearthed a document in which Michael Jackson thanked his bodyguard for being the father figure he never had. The letter dated “1992” addressed Bill Bray, while also making numerous allusions to his troubled childhood.

TMZ noted one instance in particular, where the King of Pop deals head-on with his trauma. The transcript reads, “Joseph never ever had time for me, he only saw me as a way for him to make money,” an obvious to what is often regarded as “The Jackson Family Business.”

Tim Whitby/Getty Image

In keeping with the notion that “nothing is sacred,” Michael Jackson’s letter to Bill Bray wound up in a collector’s auction, where bidding will commence at $2,500. RR Auction, as the bidding house is called, expects a return of $18,000 from the highest bidder. As I mentioned before, MJ credits Bray with playing the role of a Dad, especially in his utterance of:  “I don’t know what would have happened to me if you were not around.”

According to the auction house, Bill Bray started working for the Jackson family back in the 70s, at the height of the Jackson 5-craze. Once the group dissolved, MJ held onto Bill Bray as his personal bodyguard, until he retired in the mid-90s. The auction closes this time next week, you can file bids right here, once you sign up for an RR screen name.