It looks like Kehlani is about to pop any minute now. When she first announced her pregnancy to the world, she was already a few months along. She has been regularly sharing updates with her fans, showing the growth of her baby bump and artistically capturing every significant moment with her unborn child. Lani just released her While We Wait project and yesterday, she came through with the video for “Butterfly.” The clip is gorgeous, featuring the singer with body paint and butterfly wings on her back. She sits nude, covering her modesty with butterflies. The Oakland performer recently shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, leading with one image of herself in “Butterfly” mode and a few others showing the entire production process.

This video is beautiful in itself but it will surely serve as a nice reminder for Kehlani and her daughter of how elegant the process of entering the world can be. “Thank you once again to my favorite co-star,” wrote the vocalist, referring to her baby.

Kehlani is just 23-years-old and already, it feels like she’s found her spot in the music game. With the upcoming birth of her child, you can guarantee that she’ll find new inspiration in life and its surroundings.