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Hottest Songs – March 2019

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Papoose Goes Businessman On Em’ On “Fortune 500”

 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Papoose goes down the list in a raw rendition of “Fortune 500.”

Papoose has continuously adhered to his principles, which is to say: he’s kept it hip-hop in the purest sense. Elusive by nature and generally selective in his release patterns, the father of the “golden child” has come through with a new selection for the masses. “Fortune 500” finds Papoose taking raw to a new level, taking a page out of Lupe Fiasco‘s book and releasing a song via self-recorded video. In keeping with tradition, Pap comes through with a dominant theme; where we previously found him styling on the alphabet and the numerical system, this time he’s tackling the game’s top companies.Pointing out each one as he rattles them off, Pap paints a vivid picture rife with clever bars. “Thieves obey they thirst like Sprite, know I got the hammer, I was gambling in Las Vegas at the Tropicana, they fall like Dominos when I pop those shells,” raps Pap. “I’m universal my name rings Taco Bells.” Check out the new track, delivered through unconventional means though it may be, right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Thieves obey they thirst like Sprite, know I got the hammer
I was gambling in Las Vegas at the Tropicana
They fall like Dominos when I pop those shells
I’m universal my name rings Taco Bells

Soulja Boy Grabs Rarri For “10 Speed”


Soulja Boy keeps it coming.

Soulja Boy is fresh off a win at the BET Social Awards for the Social Verified award. The rapper’s win was long-deserved as he’s undoubtedly been one of the biggest influences in the social media era of hip-hop. Since his emergence, he’s used platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud to his advantage. He’s been flooding the market, even when he wasn’t at the forefront of the rap game over the past few years. A week ago, he released a remix to “HML” with Tory Lanez. Now, he returns with his new single, “10 Speed.”Soulja Boy is back with his new collaboration with Rarri titled, “10 Speed.” The two rappers hop on an eerie beat while delivering a braggadocious trap banger.

Soulja Boy is currently gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album, How Can You Blame Me?which is due out in July.

Quotable Lyrics
AR-15 with a hunnid shots
Stand in the kitchen, I’m whippin’, I beat up the pot
Whippin’ it up, servin’ good crack rock
Whippin’ good dope, can’t stop, won’t stop

Khalid Shrugs It Off On Guitar-Driven “My Bad”


Khalid’s latest “Free Spirit” drop is short and sweet.

Khaled’s dulcet tones are always welcome. With his upcoming sophomore project Free Spirit a little over a month away, Khalid has offered up an additional look at the album with “My Bad.” Wasting little time in making an impression, the youthful prodigy takes to a swirling, yet delicate guitar arpeggio. The arrangement, while simple in its repetition, allows Khalid ample space to pen an apology of sorts, coming off sincere despite the expression “my bad’s” inherent apathy.With the addition of subtle “trap” hi-hats, “My Bad” joins the ranks of the recent guitar-craze, alongside hypnotic instrumentals like “Drip To Hard” and “Yosemite.” It’s a good look for Khalid, who blends nicely with the guitar’s frequencies. “Oh, we both care about it, but arguing with me just isn’t worth it,” he sings. “Don’t go reachin’ in your bag, your bag, yeah, I didn’t text you back ’cause I was workin’.” Check out the track now, and keep a lookout for Free Spirit, coming soon.

Quotable Lyrics

Oh, we both care about it
But arguing with me just isn’t worth it
Don’t go reachin’ in your bag, your bag, yeah
I didn’t text you back ’cause I was workin’

Jay Sean Returns With New Single “With You” Featuring Gucci Mane & Asian Doll


Jay Sean re-signs with Republic Records and drops a new single.

We haven’t heard from Jay Sean in a hot minute. The “Down” hitmaker was previously signed to Cash Money Records, leaving in 2014 and taking them to court for unpaid royalties. He’s been silent on the release front for years but after the success of “Down,” we all know that he can pull out another hit. The singer recently signed a new deal with Republic Records and to celebrate, he’s coming through with a brand new single featuring some big names.

Available now in select international markets, Jay Sean’s new single “With You” features Gucci Mane and his 1017 Eskimo princess Asian Doll. He’s starting with a fresh slate, dropping some of the same vibes that we’re used to and engaging Guwop and his protégé for some extra star power. His future plans are currently unknown but with the release of this single, you can expect the hype to grow steadily again for Jay Sean. Are you feeling this new track? What do you expect in the future from Jay Sean?

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m saying yeah
I just can’t get my mind off you
After the shit that we’ve been through
I just can’t stop fucking with you

Juice WRLD & Young Thug Go Back & Forth On “ON GOD”


Brand new music from Juice WRLD and Young Thug!

Tonight, Juice WRLD will officially be releasing his follow-up to Goodbye & Good Riddance. His debut album was extremely well-received, making believers out of a large crowd and facilitating his move even further toward the top of the rap game. The Chicago rapper became one of the most hyped young artists in the industry, collaborating on a joint project with Future near the end of last year. Now, we’re ready for his sophomore album, which boasts a pretty extensive tracklist.

We can expect over twenty songs on A Deathrace For Love when it drops tonight. We’ve already gotten the chance to hear “Robbery” and “Hear Me Calling,” which were released as lead-up singles. Now, one of the most exciting features from the work is out with Young Thug‘s guest appearance on “ON GOD” seeing the light of day.

Out now in select international markets, Juice WRLD and Young Thug collaborated on “ON GOD,” which appears as the seventeenth song on the album. The two rappers bounce back and forth in true collaborative fashion. Juice ad-libs “On God” throughout the majority of the song, serving as a nice underlay to Thugger’s verse. The beat is eclectic, slowing down at parts to let Thug’s vocal inflections stand out. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

Ball on a bitch, Tracy McGrady (That’s on god)
Throw B’s up for the brazies (On god)
I put the K in Krazy (On god)

Juice WRLD Spits Bars On Hypnotic “10 Feet”


Juice WRLD is flowing on this “Death Race” standout.

Last night, Chicago-born rapper Juice WRLD dropped off his anticipated Death Race For Love album. Twenty-two songs deep, the project acts as a worthy showcase of his musicality. While many gravitated toward his melodic take on emo, which has been given a hip-hop makeover in this time of ours, Juice is no stranger to the art of flow. On standout “10 Feet,” the young rapper gets a chance to flex the chops, taking to a hypnotic Daniel Caeser sample. Off the bat, Juice weaves together some impressive multis, spitting “acidic, a bunch of bad habits with bad magic, can’t disappear and re-appear in the same sentence, I’m bad at it, the Mad Hatter, the Perc packer.”

As the song progresses, Juice continues his lyrical barrage, sounding effortless in the process. That’s not to say he’s barring his way to the upper echelon, but the fact that he can get down in this fashion speaks to his potential. Longevity is of utmost importance, and the fact that he can rap at such a level speaks to his potential future direction. If you’re looking for a track to segue yourself into the labyrinthian Death Race For Love, look no further.

Quotable Lyrics

Uh, like abracadabra
The flow so raw, forgot to grab Magnums
Been raw-dogging’ bitches ever since I went platinum
I feel like Hell full of bad bitches
Wonder if it’s room in Heaven for savages
My life’s a canvas, I’m paintin’ in blood like a cannibal
Rip off his head and I salvage it
A little too graphic
At least you n***s know that I still got the passion

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