The collapse of R. Kelly, once a reigning contender for the “king of R&B” title, has been a widely publicized affair. With new heinous charges being brought to light through the work of Michael Avenatti and his team, many have been quick to distance themselves from the self-professed Pied Piper – a name that has taken a decidedly sinister tone, given its dark fairy tale origins. Though some, like Lady Gaga and John Legend, have distanced themselves entirely through a public disavowal, others have turned to gallows humor to express their position.

We’ve already seen an influx of memes emerge across the Twitter landscape, with some declaring that R. Kelly has officially replaced the “Crying Jordan” meme. Now, Gucci Mane has decided to get in on the fun, channeling 50 Cent with a dip into internet expression. Looking back to the come-up days, Gucci Mane posted a new rendition of “Vette Pass By,” featuring a masterfully implemented R. Kelly ad-lib.

Guwop also took a moment to ground the absurd post with a sincere message, imploring the powers that be to free “OG Grant,” who played a pivotal role in Gucci’s trapping come-up. Yet the focus will almost certainly center around Gucci’s clever meme usage, all but confirming that Kelly’s recent interview with Gayle King is nothing short of a gold-mine for internet creatives.