In 2010, Chris Brown and the late Paul Walker co-starred in the film Takers, alongside Hayden Christensen, Matt Dillon, and Idris Elba. Today, Chris Brown took to Instagram to pay his respects to his former friend and collaborator. Sharing a clip of an older interview, Brown reflects on his Walker’s support was inspirational, to the point where he was moved to tears. In the interview, Walker talks about working with Breezy, which he describes as a positive experience all around.

“He’s just cool,” reflects Walker. “I don’t know if you met him before, but he’s just a kid. He’s a 19-year-old kid just high on life. Just having a good time. Always dancing and singing. Never stops. Always got a smile on his face. Real good energy. Great kid to be around.” When the interviewer asks about Chris’ infamous domestic abuse incident, Walker chooses to remain optimistic about his co-star. “I hope everything gets worked out,” he says. “I really like him. I feel for him cause I know it’s hard. But he’s going to be alright.”

The public support clearly meant a lot to Brown, who found himself temporarily disgraced in the public eye. “This made me cry,” admits Breezy, in the caption. “MISS YOU BRO! THANK YOU FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION TO ME!” It’s been around six years since Walker died in a car accident, and every so often, we’re reminded of the impact he left behind. Rest in peace, Paul Walker.