Ain’t nobody throwing around the term “Okurrr” unless they are a true Cardi B fan and such seems to be the case for country singer, Reba Mcentire. In a short video posted to Twitter, Reba is seen sitting backstage and when a man tells her that the show’s ready for her she busts out her best Cardi B impression: “Okurrr,” she says.

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There’s no U In Oklahoma, and that’s OKrrrrr with me…and @iamcardib!!!

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Speaking of country music, Cardi B recently performed at Texas’ Houston Rodeo and dominated by pulling in the most attendees the show has ever seen with 75,580 guests. Cardi posted a video to her Instagram of her standing backstage next to an image of Selena, with a caption detailing how the photo alone gave her the drive to hit the stage and sing to her adoring crowd.

“I was so sick yesterday ya don’t even know ! I had such a bad migraine I had to get a doctor backstage to give me two shots and ain’t rehearsed cause I been working all week and ain’t really know what I was getting myself into until I got in the venue,” she wrote.

“Im OD honored for all the love Houston gave me!”