It’s been a whirlwind ride to fame for viral sensation Blueface, and the hype around his hit single “Thotiana” doesn’t look as if it’s fading any time soon. The 22-year-old California rapper’s track has been remixed on multiple occasions: Nicki Minaj gave her version with “Barbiana,” while Blueface linked up with Cardi B and YG, separately, to record their remixes and accompanying music videos. There’s been talk that there’s another remix of “Thotiana” in the works with French Montana and Cardi B…a remix to the remix if you will. The rapper hinted that he may have been on set filming his latest music video after he shared a few photos on Instagram, including one that features Montana. In the shot of the two hip hop stars, Blueface is in a blue suit while Montana wears the same but in red.

In his recent feature for Fader, Blueface makes it clear that he doesn’t mind if people are talking about him—good or bad—as long as they keep talking. “If you see the s**t that I’m doing, you could tell I don’t give a f**k. Even if I’m making a fool out of myself or somebody make a fool out of me….The whole objective in this s**t is to be a meme,” he says. “That’s what this industry is based off of: a bunch of mouths moving, gums popping, no matter good or bad. If the outcome is money, how could it be bad?“