Riding the wave of a genuine comeback season, Tyga has once again returned to the lab with a mission on deck. From the sound of it, he’s managed to cook up another banger, largely sticking to a script that’s proven effective. At this point, Tyga has all but given himself to the whims of his myriad groupies, alternating different women without the slightest hint of a built connection. And why would he attempt to flip the script? Songs like “Taste,” the Iggy Azalea-led “Kream,” and “Dip,” have found Tyga making an art form out of ass-appreciation, a niche subgenre in itself.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Now, it would appear he’s sitting on yet another addition to the catalog. Taking to Instagram to preview a new banger, T-Raww came through with “Bop,” evoking shades of Hanson circa 1997, albeit far less wholesome. “Bitch you a bop, thot, always hopping on a new cock,” raps Tyga, sparing no feeling. “I’m a boss, Ross, young n***a getting paid Young Dolph.” The track seems positioned to carry on tradition, and the Tyga formula remains tried and true.

Are you feeling the sound of “Bop?” While we have yet to land a concrete release date, it wouldn’t be surprising to see T-Raww deliver this one sooner rather than later – perhaps even as soon as this week. Only time will tell.